How to clean Golf Gloves

How to clean Golf Gloves

Re-using the same water-stained and sweat glove over will affect your looks, personality and game on the golf course. A dirty and slippery glove will especially affect your grip. With good form, golfers have been perfecting the driving range. So, learning how to clean and wash golf gloves will help you to retain perfect grip.

Your grip is one of the most important elements of a perfect shot. For a tight grip, your entire body tenses up and disturbs the natural flow of the swing. With a loose grip, the club wriggles as you hit the ball and roughly send it on a diagonal course. It will be worse on a hot sunny day. The too loose grip can cause your club to slip from your hands.

Improve your golf game with a nice pair of golf gloves

You need a pair of dry, suitable, and perfect golf gloves to improve your game. You can choose from premium Cabretta golf gloves or synthetic ones. A golf glove is the least expensive item in your golf backpack. Especially, when you have checklists like a set of clubs, a golf bag, and a pair of spikes. Golf gloves are an inexpensive product in your golf kit but these are one of the most useful tools for hitting a ball straight.

What golfers think about golf gloves

Many golfers always buy a new pair of golf gloves every couple of weeks even if your skill level doesn't matter in this. It is just because people don’t know how easy it is to clean your golf gloves instead of buying a new one. Golf gloves are very cheaper and inexpensive to buy but if you know some simple steps you can save your golf gloves to last longer. Bionic golf gloves are designed to last 2-3 times longer than the average golf glove.

Tips to maintain and protect your golf gloves

Try to use golf gloves with care as you start playing with those gloves on the first tee. Always try to use the best material in golf gloves. Professional golfers always try leather gloves then synthetic ones. Leather gloves contain small porous that allow air, and moisture, and keep skin breathing. On the golf course, a leather golf glove reduces perspiration from your hands and allows a firmer grip. 

On hot, sunny, and warm days this leather porous golf glove provides proper ventilation. It makes your hands cool, dry and breathe. The leather golf gloves are very durable, breathable and long-lasting for every round. These are pretty easy, comfortable, and convenient to maintain.

Excessive moisture for any leather golf glove is salt. Salt from perspiration dehydrates the leather, breaking down the glove and even damaging it. So, avoid using your glove to wipe perspiration from your forehead, face, or arms. Always try a microfiber towel to wipe out precipitation. Keep your gloves in a dry, safe, and clean environment for last longer usage.

Golf gloves used for moisture control

Golf gloves are used for moisture control but there is a big difference between actively wiping, and perspiration onto the surface of your gloves. Producing sweat inside gloves is a completely different thing. Mini towel technology brings extra durability to bionic gloves. This will make bionic gloves absorb extra moisture.

The moisture-absorbing technology found in flagship golf gloves for example bionic gloves. It will absorb moisture and regulate airflow. Keep your glove in the pocket while walking for the next round and you can hang it with your golf bag. Many golfers keep an extra pair of gloves for the next or upcoming tee. In this case, you will have an extra pair of dry, useful, and sturdy pair of moisture-absorbing gloves.

Playing with the wet gloves

Mainly saltwater is the worst type of moisture for a golf glove. You have to refrain from dunking your golfing glove in water. If you’re at a ball washing station or saving a ball from a water trap. It is best to remove your glove first and perform the action with your bare hand. Try a towel to dry off your hand and continue your game with a dry hand in a dry glove. 

Playing in a wet glove is irritating both your hand and the glove by friction. Usually, moisture softens your hand’s skin and leather gloves. It will result in poor-fitting, painful blisters, and itching on your skin.

Protect your golf gloves

As you finish your game kindly keep removing your gloves and keep them in a dry place., Don’t scrunch your glove up and toss it in the pocket of your golf bag. Try to air out your glove between each round. Carefully hang your glove on the exterior of your golf bag or safely store your gloves as they dry off. 

Normally rolling up the leather gloves like a cotton roll is similar to wrapping a wet bathroom towel. It takes longer to dry. Unlike a cotton towel, leather golf gloves are damaged when sweaty and crumpled up.

How to clean Cabretta leather golf gloves at home

Since perspiration and grit break down golfing gloves over time. Always make a habit to remove your leather gloves as you finish the game and safely store them or hang them to dry. Afterwards, you can clean, wash, and air dries them for the next tee. A hardy pair of Cabretta leather golf gloves can be easily cleaned and maintained with little care.

Washing the gloves

Gently wash your golf gloves to remove dirt, perspiration, and stain. Mostly bionic golf gloves are safe to wash. These bionic golf gloves are specially treated to wash. Cabretta leather gloves are very delicate. Be careful to wash golf gloves. Continuous washing may wear out the leather gloves when they are a little harder than usual.

If you are washing by hands use a mild liquid soap. Gently wash the glove until all surface dirt and perspiration has removed. If machine washing put them for a delicate cycle. Never use bleach while washing a leather glove. Don’t shake your leather golf glove. Try to hang it with care. Don’t expose it to direct sun. Air drying is very useful for this purpose.

How to dry the gloves

You have to air dry your gloves. If you expose the leather gloves to heat, it will result in cracking or shrinking. Always hang your leather glove and expose them to air dry for a while. However, drying your glove in a warm and dry climate may dry out the leather.

When you need to replace the gloves

First of all, it is better to maintain your gloves. You hardly need to buy new ones or replace gloves. The basic aim of a golf glove is to absorb perspiration and give you a perfect grip on the club. So, the glove will break down with regular use.

If your gloves have a permanent stain that cannot be washed away. It is the right time to order a new pair. If you found holes in the surface of the glove you have to change and buy new ones. These types of damages are irreparable. We advised you to go and purchase a new pair of gloves before your next trip to the golf course.

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