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Pitchfix Divot Repair Gift Set Includes Two Extra Ball Markers (Red)

Pitchfix Divot Repair Gift Set Includes Two Extra Ball Markers (Red)

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High-Quality Material: Switchblade Divot Tool handle is made from high-quality ABS Plastic and therefore it is very lightweight and durable. The prongs and the ball marker are made from high-quality stainless steel and aluminum.

Switchblade Mechanism: Switchblade Divot Tool is fast, efficient, easy to use, portable, and long-lasting. This divot tool with a magnetic ball marker is easy on the pocket. It has a new push-button switchblade mechanism that comes out with a press button.

With Two Extra Removable Aluminum Ball Markers: There are two magnetic ball-marker that attaches to the divot tool which is removable, and easy to push down to pop and reset. This Golf ball marker is best for adding an identification mark to the Golf ground, mark the place on a putting green of a golf ball that has been lifted.

Pencil Sharpener: Switchblade Divot tool contains the built-in high-quality pencil sharpener with which you can easily sharpen your lead pencil with neatness this pencil Sharpener gives your Pencil a fine and very thin edge so that you can write with a flow.

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